Swiss Red Cross - chili Illustration


The Swiss Red Cross (SRK) approached our former collective (Studio PIAF) to develop a total of 14 illustrations for their teaching material 'chili' in 2020.
This was the sample illustration that we had sent to the SRK in advance and on the basis of which they had selected us for the assignment. 

The aim was to illustrate the topic of "conflict management" in a playful, colourful and diverse way and to make it appealing to children and young people, as they are also the target group for the teaching material. 

The Deadline was rather short and  the colours were specified by the SRC, but we were very free in terms of style and content of the illustrations and it was a very enjoyable project to work on.

I was responsible for the character design, my colleague for the environments and we developed the ideas for the individual illustrations together.


the cover-illustration

some of my favourite illustrations