The band alpha-ray commissioned our former collective (Studio PIAF) to create the artwork for their debut album 'times of doubt' in 2021.

They asked us to design the cover and hand-bound booklets so that their listeners could hold something physical in their hands, although the album can only be purchased digitally. We thus created an illustration for each song and designed the layout of the booklet, which is now available in a limited edition of 150 Japanese-bound booklets; half of them as a red edition and the other half as a blue edition.

cover (blue edition)

the booklet (red edition)


Based on the lyrics and the feelings the songs conveyed, we came up with the idea of assigning an element to each title. Stylistically based on my earlier "drawn collages", the 6 illustrations were created according to the elements earth, water, air, fire, spirit (ether) and magic.


For each element we also developed a geometrical figure. These can be found in the booklet on the transparent interleaves. 


The geometrical figure is surrounded by the song lyrics when the transparent intermediate sheet is placed on the left.

As for the link to download the album, we created small cards, which could be tucked into the rearmost page of the booklet and held each an individual download-code on the back and a single illustration on the front.