This is a first

Hey there - you’re about to read my first blog post! I thought this might be something fun for me - telling little stories and showing you some pictures you usually won’t get to see. I’ll try to post something out of my life every Sunday. These posts might be about stories, memories, works in progress, exercises or something completely different. Feel free to also give me inputs in the comments or via email on what might interest you.


This weekend I finally got to tidy out my old drawings and art projects that I kept in my parents cellar.

There’s a lot! It was so much fun looking at what I drew and painted a few years back, what I found interesting and the way I thought about and saw things. I’m happy to say that since then I was able to learn and progress so much in what I love to do and that I and my drawings changed notably over the time. Still I was able to see that some things – at least at their core – are still the same and will probably never change; like my love for all kind of absurd images.


Here's a little excerpt from the things I found, these drawings date from 4 to 13 years back (apparently I should be able to draw a photorealistic toy car?!)

Keep drawing and have a nice Sunday, folks!

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