2D animator | animation director | illustrator

My fascination lies in the absurdity of everyday moments. I'm inspired by observations of people, movements, shapes, colors, gestures, overheard things, words, sounds and mix it all together to create images – which sometimes move and sometimes stay still.


Drop me a line if you got a collaboration in mind or want to challenge me with your project ideas!



2022 Burnout with John Heartfield animationdirected by K. Rothe

2021 Heimlifeiss co-directed with K. Zemp & L. Möhrle

2020 IDODO layout & animation, directed by U. Ulmi

2019 IHR co-directed with L. Möhrle

2018 Sampel Text

2018 The Germans layout & animation, directed by M. C. Wigger




I was born 1996 in a village in the canton of Bern where I've been raised bilingual (swiss german and french).


After the preliminary course in arts at the art academy in Bern (HKB) in cooperation with the Arts & Crafts "Talentförderung"  at the Highschool Hofwil I got the Bachelor degree in animation 2D at HSLU Design & Kunst in Lucerne in 2019.  I then co-founded the former collective "Studio PIAF in Bern (2019-2022).

I am a freelance 2D animator and illustrator in Bern since 2019 and I
 have been co-curator of the Fantoche Industry Day and teacher for the "moving narration" course at the school of visual arts in Biel/Bienne (SfGBB) since 2021.